The anticipation of “YES!”

In Weddings by openaireaffairswp

Thanksgiving day…Nothing
Christmas day…Nothing
New Year’s Eve…Nothing…same with New Year’s Day
January seems safe…Nothing
February 14th…NOTHING?????

The anticipation for the engagement is on all of our minds leading up to “the day”.  Every holiday or random Sunday you see someone newly getting engaged on Facebook.  You first think, “I am really happy for them” but then you can’t help but think, “why haven’t I been asked?”.

Why do we think about it so much?
Why can’t we let time take its course?
Why not me???

Social media has taken it to a whole other level of keeping us in tuned with everyone’s play by play…especially when you get engaged!  This moment is one of the happiest day of your lives.  It is what you dreamed about ever since you knew they were, THE ONE.

If it is meant to be, it will be.  Tell yourself that before you pressure your significant other.  This will probably will be the biggest secret your other half will keep from you…don’t spoil it ;-).  Why not turn the tables around and propose to them!  It is 2014, crazier things have happened.

When the time comes…WOW!, it will be worth the wait!

To our newly engaged, please comment on this status or blog post on how you got engaged!

xoxo Happy Planning!