Getting married this Spring?

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2c1cfd1f448f03f547649f4f3088ad3bGetting married this Spring?
~Is the winter weather slowing you down and all you can think about is everything you have to do before your BIG DAY??
~ Want a pick me up??? 

Prioritize your time and delegate your to-do list to your family and friends!  They want you to have the best day imaginable just as much as you do!  Just ask for help! We have put together a to-do list to help finalize some details and spice up the cold weather blues!

Where to start??  We have the list for you to tackle in the final months!
{First…call in for backup and get some bridesmaids on board!  Wine & cheese is always a plus to these hangout sessions!}

{The fun stuff…FOOD TASTING!}
Finalize that menu with your caterer and do a final tasting {if you haven’t already}.  Pick all your apps, main courses and yummy desserts!

{Mini Grilled Cheese & Beef Sliders  washed down with a tiny mug of an ice cold beer} & {Specialty brew with a sweet finish}



{Favor Flavor}
Go over ideas for favors and what you need to have your florist or your crew do!  Yes, your crew.  You are not in this alone!  Are you thinking of a DIY or complementing the caterer’s local roots?  Some fun ideas from your caterer could be a jar of homemade jam {our preferred caterers have endless amount of ideas on how to spice your favor up!}.

Did you want to Do It Yourself {DIY}??  Plan another wine and cheese night with the ladies and get creative!

These are a couple of our favors we have been swooning over!

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{Rustic-inspired monogram cozies} & {Mini pies in a jar}

{Verbiage speaks volumes}
I think this is something we all check off our list last minute…NOT YOU!  You are planning ahead and thinking of cute ideas for your ceremony programs and menu cards. Do you need both, you ask? Can one be on a card and on be on a chalkboard? YES and YES!! Show off your style!  If you are going for a rustic theme and really want to have a chalkboard theme menu, do it!  Have fun with this one!  Etsy is a great tool to use for created your programs or menu cards.    


{Chalkboard menu} & {Chalkboard-inspired menu cards}

{Perfect Fit}
This is the most exciting in our opinion.  The dress you always dreamed of is YOURS and about to make its big debut!  Schedule your last fitting no later than 2 weeks before the BIG DAY!  Pumping some iron to get those arms in shape?? GREAT WORK!  You deserve to glow in your dress!  Let your seamstress know that so you can make sure to have your fitting as close to your wedding day.  Every pound counts when it comes to fitting perfectly in your wedding gown.  One more final to-do for your dresses…confirm all delivery dates for  “the dress” and the bridesmaids dresses.  NO SURPRISES!

©AlexisJuneWeddings | Aisle Society Brand Shoot, Chicago, IL | NYC + Destination Wedding Photographer

©AlexisJuneWeddings | Aisle Society Brand Shoot, Chicago, IL | NYC + Destination Wedding Photographer

{Put the SECOND ring on the finger}
Bling! Bling! is coming your way, AGAIN!  Set a date and have that feeling all over again with your fiancé when he popped the question.  It would be even fun if you went back to the place he proposed {if it’s local and convenient} and then go ring shopping for your wedding bands!

What band will catch your eye?  Make sure you love it just as much as your engagement ring.  This ring symbolizes your long lasting love.



{Time to RELAX}
You deserve it!  Kick your feet up and grab that pina colada and have some R&R with your NEW HUSBAND on your HONEYMOON {calling him your husband sounds weird, right?  You will get used to it 🙂 }  Travel agents are a great person to delegate this task to.  They will steer you in the right direction to where and how long you should stay. {longer the better!}  Going out of the country? {lucky!} Check to make sure your passport is not expired!


If you are like one of our event planners, she is dying to hit the road!  Road trip with your loved one is a fun way to bring out your inner traveler with the one you love the most!  Don’t forget to check those tires before you hit the road!

{Have you had that glass of wine yet?}
OK, now that we have overloaded you…let’s take this to-do list and accomplish it step by step!  Put together an email or a mass text to your bridesmaids  and start having some fun!

Now you are ready to SPRING into action and start checking off a lot on your to-do list for your special day!

xoxo Happy Planning!


P.S. all the photos used our from Pinterest!