Build A Venue

* This is for the aspiring Bride that wants a venue in their backyard or venue that doesn’t have a space for their guest count.

Where do I start?

HERE! We are the County’s top leading experts in building venues from the top down. We start with a FREE tent measure to see your space you would like to host your event. Get a detailed list of wants/needs and your budget you’re looking to stay within. We typically turn around a QUOTE within a few business days depending on if we need to outsource any BIG wants like generators or restroom trailers.

Can you do flooring?

Yes! We have a couple different options in floors but this all depending on area we are tenting & if there are any obstructions or hill action. We see the most a plastic flooring that we can carpet in different colors. We also have the option to do a deck option with a stained wood or do a full stage if the ground is uneven. Keep in mind flooring is one of the more expensive upgrades.

Can you supply electricity?

Yes! We can bring in whisper quiet generators based on the electric you need for your event as you need some for lights, band/DJ, kitchen area and anything else you may need to plug-in. We will add this into your overall quote.

Can we decorate the tent?

Of course! We have a couple options in-house with lighting, fabric liners as well as chandeliers floral installations. If you want to decorate yourself, please run it past our front desk team as we can install hooks in certain places or add lines directly across to hang greens from more easily during setup that the day before for you! We also have a in-house style & design team if you would like to add-on to your packages.

My caterer needs a kitchen/prep area, can you do that?

YES! We can add a mini tent & connect it to your main area with hallways & gutters, so if weather happens you are prepared. We can add-on prep tables, ovens, stove & warming boxes to any event.

How do I light a pathway from parking to the tent?

We can do string lights, pathway lights or even build out the tent to have a lighted patio. When we do a site visit, point out the areas you will have guests walking & we can add in different options for lighting.

Here are the rentals you’ll need for a backyard wedding:

  • Ceremony Chairs – We have
  • Ceremony Décor -We build Custom Pieces for Clients
  • Tent –What we are know for
  • Reception Chairs –Have a couple different options in-house
  • Dinner Tables –any size & any shape
  • Cocktail Tables –we have in-house
  • Ceremony Backdrop –We build custom pieces or have a couple of options in-house
  • Serving Tables –Just tell us what you are serving
  • Gifts Table –We have in-house
  • Guest Book Table –We have in-house
  • Dessert Table –We have in-house
  • Bar –We have a couple different options as well can build a custom piece
  • Place Settings –We have a couple different options
  • Linens – We have ALL the options
  • Centerpiece Vases –Did we mention we have a floral department with our in-house event planners
  • Table Décor – With our in-house planners
  • Dance Floor –How big? We got it!
  • Lighting –We love a good string light action in our tents
  • Overhead Décor – 8ft Chandelier, got it!
  • Photo Booth – We have this also in-house!
  • Food Prep/Storage Equipment – Got it covered
  • Generators – For any sized event!
  • Portable Restrooms- Recommended for any event over 20 guests
  • Trash and Recycling Bins – We can supply for the cooks tent

Who pulls permits & reaches out to townships?

We would like all paperwork to go through the property owner.  You’ll want to check with your county website or office to see if you need a permit for your backyard wedding. While not typically required, you’ll want to make sure you know and follow all rules surrounding noise, parking, and fire. It’s also always a good idea to inform your neighbors of the wedding (and even invite them over for dessert and drinks if you can!). Letting neighbors know you’ll be celebrating ahead of time (vs. Finding out when your dj starts blasting beastie boys at 10 p.m.) Is always a good idea. You should also make a quick call to your renter or homeowners insurance company to make sure you’re covered in the event you need any post-wedding repairs, or that you have liability insurance in case any accidents happen. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Do you take the trash?

No, but we do have trash cans to rent. You can ask your catering team if they will take all the trash or ask your garbage collection company if they can schedule a pick up the next morning, and find out if there will be any fees you’ll need to pay since the amount of garbage will be a lot more than the usual pick up.