Meeting the Team and Calling them out: Tara

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Tara Kolodziej. Master of Linens.  Computer Wiz. Pocket Lover. 

Tara has been working for Newtown Party Rental for 5 years. She enjoys helping clients create just the right look and feel for each of their unique events.

She met the man of her dreams at a previous job. Tara was on an interview as they were touring the facility when the most amazing man walked into the room as he forgot to turn down the radio he was listening to in that particular room. It was a band they both enjoyed and when he turned around {(they met eyes across the room,)} it hit them like a ton of bricks. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! She wasn’t sure if she wanted the job “for the great opportunity” or to see that gentleman again.  With a whirlwind of events, she had the interview on May 3rd of that year, started on May 7th and started dating Matt by May 29th. They have been together ever since.

They married 5 years later and welcomed a handsome little boy into the world!

 Tara’s beautiful wedding took place right around the corner from them as well as had a small reception to gather friends and family.

Dress: off-white silk gown with short sleeves, dressed with lace and beading over the bodice. Her favorite part was it had POCKETS.

Music: Mix of the classics

Reception: Golf Course looking over the 18 holes

Dessert: They decided to indulge their sweet tooth by having cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake.

Colors: Eggplant with Sunflowers to add pops of color.

Honeymoon: Montego Bay, Jamaica



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