Meeting our Team & Calling them out: Rae

In Staff by openaireaffairswp

* Meet Rae, she is our Director of Venues and all around planner for Open Aire Affairs. *

RaeChani Wilson: Event Planner. Music Lover. Social Media Guru. Outdoor Enthusiast

She is a young at heart, wedding romantic and also our newest addition to
the team. She started her journey moving West after being in the “family
business” for many years and decided to make a wide u-turn back to the East.
During this journey out West, Rae lived in Colorado, where she found that
she loves being outdoors, being crafty and hanging out with her pups. She is
a diehard hockey fan and has been rooting for the Philadelphia Flyers since
1990 {makes her Dad proud!}. She worked for a rental company in Colorado and
learned how they rolled out in the West. Fast forward and she is back in the
East and working for Open Aire Affairs! She’s a total book nerd and loves
reading up on the latest wedding trends. Rock n’ Roll Bride and Rocky
Mountain Bride are a couple of her magazines Rae reads daily.  She is
also our social media guru.  There isn’t a day that goes by that she isn’t
“facebooking”, “tweeting”, “instagraming” or “pinning” away.

Since Rae is one of our team members that is not married, we thought it would be
fun to ask her what her special day would be {not to freak out her boyfriend
or anything…this is for business, right?? 😉 }:

:Dress: Some non-traditional and maybe the tulle part would rip off during the first dance: Just to spice things up:
:Color Scheme: Gray-Light Blue
:Setting:  Going for a road trip/adventure theme 1950’s Style.  Taking the family on the
road {where my heart is}!
:Music: All the music I love with a hint of Disco
:Honeymoon: Road trip of course!