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There’s such a peaceful air about Joanna and Nick’s Ash Mill Farm Wedding. Perhaps it was the abundant presence of frolicking, farm animals.  Maybe, it was the gathering of loved ones who shared, in the ceremony and contributed to the couple’s day or it could have been the gentle rain that fell, on this early May event.  Whatever the case, this sweet couple had a lovely, lovely day and Brae of  Brae Howard Photography  captured it all perfectly!

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The Italian phrase, “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata,” translates to a wet bride is a lucky bride.
It sounds so pretty, is has to be true.

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“My wedding bouquet was done by a professional florist, but after I ruined the bouquet by accident the day of the wedding, my mom re-made it using flowers from the original bouquet and flowers from around the farm,” said Joanna

Way to go Mama! And, what a fragrant gathering. I can almost smell those Lilacs right through my computer screen, can’t you?

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Sister love!! Joanna’s sister, Maddie, did the Bride’s make-up.


Ash Mill Farms offers rural glamour galore. This picturesque and pastoral venue, in Holicong, Pennsylvania, is also a ten-acre, sheep farm with stunning Manor House and cottages, on-site.

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I asked: While planning your wedding, what did you want the day to feel like?

Joanna answered:  We wanted our wedding to be an intimate celebration.  Our wedding was small, under 100 people in total.  The ceremony was Quaker-inspired, which meant that there was no member of the clergy present and that the ceremony was unscripted.  Family and friends contributed, in the moment, to the ceremony with their well-wishes and stories.  After the ceremony, we had each guest sign a Quaker-inspired document as witnesses. There were lots of laughs, tears shed, and overall a real feeling of community.




I asked: Was any part of your wedding DIY?

Joanna answered: Many parts of our wedding were DIY.  The most visible DIY element was the beer.  Nick and several of our friends and family members who home brew graciously made batches of beer for the reception.  Nick built and designed a chalkboard beer menu that sat at the bar.  My mom and grandma made the centerpieces and hung decorations.  Nick’s cousin played guitar for our ceremony.  A couple of friends of ours DJ’ed the after party.



Nick looks like the happiest guy in town-exactly how every Groom to feel on his wedding day!



I asked: What did you use for favors?

Joanna answered: Our favors were small succulent plants that we ordered from an urban farm where Nick worked at the time.

Weddings favors that double as a table centerpiece is a fine and functional idea. It addresses the age old question of what to do with all the centerpieces, after the event–send them home!



Minimal makeup allow this natural beauty to radiate and her braided, up-do with delicate embellishment is pretty, pretty, pretty.



Joanna said, “we wanted our wedding to feel like a picnic for close family and friends.  We worked with the venue staff on a menu that reflected fun and informal foods that we really like -like mac ‘n cheese and key lime cheesecake {and strawberry-rhubarb crumble}.”

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Old drawers and boxes, with their romantic appeal, serve to collect cards for the couple.

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“In marriage do thou be wise: prefer the person before money, virtue before beauty, the mind before the body; then thou hast a wife, a friend, a companion, a second self.” -William Penn


Vendors Love
Venue: Ash Mill Farm  (Holicong)
Photographer: Brae Howard Photography
Caterer: Ash Mill Farm (who also runs the Riegelsville Inn in Riegelsville, PA)
Dress: Saja Wedding
Jewelry: Bario Neal (wedding bands)/Engagement ring and bracelet are family heirlooms
Groom’s Wear:  J Crew
Makeup: Bride’s Sister
Hair: Brie Debrito
Florist: Falls Flowers: Nick’s Boutonniere and the original bouquet

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