Are you interested in turning your property into a venue property?? Do you have a picturesque piece of property, interested in making extra money or just enjoy making happy endings come true? Then becoming a venue may be just right for you.

With more than 2 million weddings occurring every year in America, the need for new and unique venues is a must. Open Aire Affairs specializes in turning properties into spectacular venues. We are a venue management company and looking for more opportunities to expand our business as well as bring in revenue for you.

Our state-of-the-art venue tents include the flooring and electric to lower the cost to prospective clients. Our reduced costs per event transfer to more property rental for you. Please explore our website and think about the potential opportunity for your property to generate income.

Thank you for your time and consideration in becoming a truly unique and beautiful venue with Open Aire Affairs. We would love to hear more about your property and what makes it unique. Please contact us at 215.860.1859 to arrange a free evaluation.

To learn more about what it means to Become A Venue with Open Aire Affairs, please review our FAQs below.


Q: What is Open Aire Affairs?

A: Open Aire Affairs was created to help brides and grooms, event planners, caterers and any individual planning an event the use of one of our unique locations in Bucks County and surrounding areas. Planning someone’s special day should be easy and convenient, which is why we are in business. Open Aire Affairs is the premier source for outdoor wedding locations when it comes to planning your event in the Delaware Valley area. Many couples planning the ultimate outdoor wedding look to us for our professional service. We offer nothing but the best possible venues for any type of event! Feel free to browse through our website to find the refreshing venues we have to offer.

Q: Where are your other venues located?

A: Open Aire Affairs has venues in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, and we are always looking for new opportunities in more unique places.

Q: Are all Open Aire Affairs locations tented?

A: No. While most of the Open Aire Affairs locations do use amazing tented structures, not all of our locations are outdoors. If your guest list grows in size beyond the capacity for these buildings, tents may be utilized. The outdoor locations use state-of-the-art tenting structures which boast vinyl wood flooring, full lighting packages, side walls, catering tents as well as the package inclusions.

Q: What do I need to do to become a venue with Open Aire Affairs?

A: First step is to get a free site evaluation that includes deciding a location for the tent, parking availability, restrooms, access to water and electric. Also, we will send you an estimate on seasonal tents vs. Open Aire Affairs venue package.

Q: Do you include bathrooms or do I need bathrooms on site?

A: Depends on location and proximity to current restrooms on your property to the tent location. If needed, we will contract high quality comfort stations for the events.

Q: Do I need to use my own power for electricity?

A: Depends on availability of the tent location. We do use generators on an as needed basis or per event.

Q: Who maintains the site?

A: The property is maintained by the property owner while tent and surrounding areas are maintained by the Open Aire Affairs team. During the event, your caterer will be your on-site manager.

Q: Who handles the permits and insurance processes?

A: Open Aire Affairs will help you through this process with townships & tenting permits.

Q: Do we need valet parking?

A: Depends on each individual site and parking availability.

Q: Do your tents have climate control?

A: Yes, tent fans, cooling stations and heaters are available on an as-needed basis during the season.

Q: Who would handle marketing and sales?

A: Open Aire Affairs lists each site on its website and features the different venues in our brochures. We can assist in more marketing and sales of the property on an as-needed basis.

Q: When do your tents go up and how long is your season?

A: On a typical year, our tents go up around April and May to maximize the spring season and come down in November or December dependent upon weather. Most outdoor clients would like to have a mild weather event, but we do have requests for winter dates and we do put up the tents that week if needed.

Q: What are the positives for me to use Open Aire Affairs?

A: We are a family-owned and operated company that enjoys partnering with properties and reimaging the space to create a breath taking venue. Open Aire Affairs is able to provide a smooth transition while designing your unique location.